5 Tips to Selling Your Home

Easy: 5 tips to selling your home

1. Organize and declutter.

When getting your home ready to sell, you should spend a significant amount of time going through every area of your home and organizing all of you belongings. Get rid of anything unnecessary and focus on “less is more.” After you’ve finished organizing, if you still feel like there is too many belongings for the potential home buyer to see, pack it all up in a POD placed off-site for the time being.

2. De-personalize. 

This is one of the most important things to do when getting your house ready to sell. De-personalize your home. Pack up all your family photos and personal belongings. You might even want to consider hiring a professional to maximize the full potential of your home. You can also research online different tips to staging your home and arranging your furniture in a way to best showcase the floor plan and maximize the use of space. This makes the potential home buyer realize how spacious your house truly is.

3. Quick fixes.

The Gregs Realtors in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Gulf Beaches.Quick fixes before selling are always beneficial. For one, it probably won’t be worth it and you’ll probably lose money if you do huge improvements before you put your house on the market. Consider instead doing minor updates that will pay off and get you top dollar for your house. First, give the walls a fresh, new coat of paint. Then, clean the curtains or perhaps go buy some inexpensive new curtains. Check to make sure you don’t have any leaky faucets and clean your kitchen and bathroom grout. Lastly, replace any cabinet hardware or door handles that need fixing and also make sure all closet doors are on track.

4. Curb appeal matters.

Someone’s first impression of your home is very important, especially if that person is the one who’s deciding whether or not to buy your home. Make sure it looks great when you arrive at your home. Add some extra plants to spruce up your yard if need be.

5. Maximize natural light.

Making sure your home has enough light is crucial when selling your home. Next after your home’s location, good lighting is the one thing that every buyer says they would like when looking for a home. You should take down any curtains that block too much natural light, make sure the windows are squeaky clean, change any dull or dark lampshades, increase your bulbs wattage and cut any shrubs outside that might be blocking the sunlight in. Do whatever it takes to make your house full of natural light and bright. Trust us, it’ll be worth it.

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