Crescent Lake

Crescent Lake is a wonderful, family-friendly neighborhood in St. Petersburg, Florida. It's located a mile north of St. Petersburg’s central business district. The neighborhood has 550 homes which sit on 35 blocks. Crescent Lake is in the center of the neighborhood and surrounded by a beautiful, 56 acre park. Residents enjoy gathering here for various activities.

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Your first impression about a neighborhood is very important, especially if you’re considering buying a home in that particular neighborhood.

When you arrive at Crescent Lake, the sense of livelihood and warm, welcoming feel the neighborhood gives you get is truly remarkable. In the morning at the neighborhood park you will see residents walking their dogs, family members working out with one another, and children laughing at the playground. This type of family-friendly atmosphere isn’t something you’re lucky enough to find in just any neighborhood but in Crescent Lake, you’ll see these types of things every day.

The neighborhood’s architecture has a very wide variety of styles from the early and mid-twentieth century, as well as more recent styles. Crescent Lake’s earlier styles include Foursquare, Craftsman, Colonial Revival, Mediterranean, Revival, Art Décor, and Tudor. The styles that came later include Minimal, Traditional, Postwar, and Ranch. Not only are the styles of the homes in the neighborhood very unique, but also their form. The neighborhood’s homes range in form from single-family homes, garage apartments, and small multi-family structures.

The boundaries of the neighborhood are 4th Street North which is to the east and MLK Street (9th Street North) which is to the west. Both of these streets have a lots of great restaurants, shopping, and businesses located on them, making the Crescent Lake area a very popular and social spot for everyone.

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