Gregs Buyer Service Guarantee

The Gregs Buyer Service Guarantee is our commitment as sales professionals and states that we will perform the following services which are listed below as part of our relationship with you.


Gregs Buyer Service Guarantee - St. Pete, Clearwater, Gulf Beaches realtors

Initial meeting

First, we will discuss your needs and goals. We will provide you with the information on obtaining a “no cost” mortgage pre-approval and plan the search for your new home. We will use our knowledge, skills, care and diligence in representing you in your home search and throughout the entire transaction.

Financing Pre-Approval

We will offer to arrange a pre-approval appointment with a reputable lender in order to identify your range of affordability as well as increase your negotiating strength.

Property Showing

We will show you properties which meet the criteria you've selected. We will present you with properties as they debut or sometimes, even before they appear on the open market.

Offer Preparation

We will prepare a written offer on the property you choose in order to purchase it and then review it with you, to make sure you approve of everything.

Estimate of funds

We will provide you with a buyers estimate sheet showing estimated closing costs in the transaction to help you determine the affordability of the property.

Negotiation Strategy

We will assist you in preparing a negotiation strategy for the property you have selected. Part of this strategy will include Comparative Market Analysis, which we will give you when we present you with your offer. This gives more leverage when negotiating with the seller.

Disclosure Statement

We will request on your behalf a sellers written property disclosure statement and then review with you your rights under the contract to have certain items repaired.

Home Warranty

We will explain to you the benefits of a home warranty and offer you the opportunity to purchase a home warranty through Home Warranty of America.


We will recommend you invest in professional home, termite, and any other inspections you deem necessary.

Escrow Services

The title company chosen by the seller typically will act as Escrow Agent for your transaction.

Condominium Documents

If buying a condominium, we will assist you in obtaining the condominium By-Laws and the Rules and Regulations of the condominium association to allow you to determine whether the condominium meets your requirements and does not contain restrictions you find objectionable.

Contract to Closing

We will monitor and inform you of the progress of your purchase agreement, including the satisfaction of all contingencies and conditions, as well as manage the closing process.

Pre-Closing Walk-Through Inspection

We will accompany you or your inspector on a walk-through of the property before the closing. We will also assist you in addressing any problems discovered during the walk-through covered under your purchase agreement.

After-Sale Service

We will contact you after the closing to follow-up on remaining details or service needs. Beyond everything, we wish to have a satisfied customer and a lifetime friend.

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